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Lotus Tea Menu

Barbie Cosmo - grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple, coconut

Bora Bora - strawberry kiwi, coconut, pina colada, mango

Hawaiian Mocktail - blue raspberry, pineapple, mango, coconut

Midnight Waves - blue raspberry, blueberry, blackberry

Orange creamsicle - cream, orange, vanilla

Passionfruit Spritz - passionfruit, mango, prickly pear

Peach Bellini - peach &  lemonade 

Pink Royalty - strawberry, raspberry, pink lemonade

Purple Haze - grape, green apple, rainbow candy

Surfside - raspberry, pineapple, blue blast, 

Tickled Pink - coconut, watermelon, strawberry

Twilight - dragon fruit, sour cherry, blue blast 

Watermelon Refresher - watermelon, limeade, pink lemonade


Our new Lotus Tea Line is jam packed with a flavor base and a wide array of pre-made flavor combos! You can also use the pick three option to create your own flavor combination with whatever Lotus base of your choosing!
Still just as caffeinated as all the other teas, plus add the carbonation with sparkling water!!!

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